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The company

Manufacture and maintenance of airport fuelling vehicles and equipment

Specializing in the field of airport fuelling operations, the company SCHENGLER Industrie is a business on a human scale, working closely with its employees and its clients… The strength of the business is its operational responsiveness, and its ability to adapt to any technical issues.

The business of the company is the design/manufacture and maintenance of a full range of refuelling equipment for civil or military aviation: fuelling vehicles, hydrant dispensers, fuelling cabins, skids (systems for the loading of tanker trucks), etc.

To this end, Schengler Industrie has a team of professionals working under the direction of two engineers, one responsible for maintenance operations, and the other for research and development activities.

One of these two engineers is specifically responsible for metrology, including the maintenance in force of our various approvals, relations with the LNE (the French national laboratory for metrology and testing) and with DIRECCTEs (French Regional Departments of Enterprise, Competition, Consumer Affairs, Labour and Employment), while the second is responsible for the management of conformity, product quality and safety, under the terms of a MASE approval (Manual for the Advancement of Safety in Enterprises) and quality certification.

Our technicians operate in every civil airport or military air base in France, including Mulhouse, Quimper, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Marseille, Corsica, etc., but also in French Overseas Departments & Territories: Guadeloupe, Saint Martin, La Réunion, Guyana, etc.. We are also developing a clientele in Africa: Congo, Cameroun, Chad, etc.

At these airports, our technicians undertake maintenance operations (overhaul of equipment or vehicles), in accordance with the recommendations of the JIG, and also execute setting and adjustment operations on metrological instruments (calibration).

Fuelling equipment

Overhaul of vehicles: Our teams undertake the workshop renovation of JET or AVGAS fuelling vehicles, in the interests of simplifying their operation and enhancing reliability, whilst taking account of ergonomics and the safety of users.

New vehicles: Since 2016, we have designed and built fuelling trucks in accordance with international regulations. Our models are designed on the basis of the essential requirements of our clients.

Specific facilities: We also manufacture functional and robust fuelling accessories (ladders, ground cable reels, IP65 and ATEX dead man’s handles, etc.), which are patented and compliant with all standards in the aeronautical sector.

Maintenance and metrology

We undertake corrective and preventative maintenance operations, on airport sites or in our workshops, for your vehicles, fuelling cabins, etc.

We can undertake the prompt execution of preventative maintenance operations, including the metrological overhaul of meters and the reinstatement of airport fuelling vehicles and stations.

The repair of accessories (attachment fittings, nozzles, pumps, hose reels, etc.) is undertaken in our workshops.

Our metrological approvals, together with our facilities (trailers with gauges), allow us to execute technical operations on fuelling vehicles and permanent fuelling stations, in all airports throughout France and abroad.

Product catalogue

Our catalogue includes a full range of spare parts and accessories, divided into major product categories, for the maintenance of fuelling equipment, vehicles and stations, etc.

You will find everything you need by way of fuelling cabins, frame structures, tank and reservoir accessories, fuel distribution facilities, electrical and pneumatic spare parts, measuring and product quality equipment, and safety facilities.

We develop our own products, for which designs and patents have been registered: fuelling ladders of different sizes, ground cable reels for the provision of guaranteed electrical continuity, IP 65 and ATEX dead man’s handles, safety signage, etc.


We can supply new fuelling vehicles or renovated used vehicles, undertake the
construction of specific facilities, etc.

New vehicles

Renovated vehicles


in airport fuelling facilities

Maintenance and metrology

Overhaul of equipment and metrological operations


Operations for the maintenance or overhaul of equipment are an important element of the company’s business. All these operations require specific expertise.

We undertake preventative operations for conformity control and troubleshooting operations on airport fuelling vehicles and stations. Maintenance of accessories (attachment fittings, nozzles, fuel pumps, etc.) is undertaken in our workshops in Bordeaux.


Our technicians undertake specific metrological operations on fuelling vehicles and stations, whether directly on the premises of our clients or in our workshops. These include conformity checks, setting operations, replacement of parts, etc.. Our company is approved for the execution of periodic checks and repairs on measuring units fitted to fuelling facilities, hydrant dispensers and fuelling cabins. Our approvals are renewed annually by official organizations, and our equipment is calibrated in accordance with regulations.

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what's new in the company ?

Aviation fuelling, a specialized business

A fuelling truck has particular features: designed for driving on airport runways, and to be manoeuvred as close as possible to machines which are to be fuelled (aeroplanes, helicopters or other aircraft), a fuelling truck is not just a simple industrial vehicle. This type of tanker truck (carrier truck or semi-trailer) delivers thousands of tonnes of aviation fuel (kerosene) to aircraft on the tarmac.

Safety is key: safety rules to be observed prior to an aviation fuel distribution operation are defined by the JIG, and must be considered in the manufacture of a vehicle, a cabin or any other fuelling facility: the product must be filtered and regulated before being delivered to the aircraft; as these operations are undertaken by individual personnel, a comprehensive safety system must be in place in order to prevent any accident (failure to disconnect a coupling from the aircraft, fuelling error, etc.); these arrangements also include metrology, and other new technologies (e.g. PRECIFUEL, etc.). All these factors must therefore be analysed at the design stage of a fuelling facility.

Leading edge technology in fuelling trucks

Specific cabins and bodywork, chassis and axles which are adapted to the weight of tanks, powerful high-capacity pumps, ergonomic fuelling nozzles, fuel filters, high-precision measuring equipment and special flow meters for hydrocarbons turn each truck into a high-tech machine for the refuelling of aircraft.